Hi guys, I’m a newbie (don’t know what to blog! *sigh*) and I don’t know where to start my blog, though! Ow, if you wanted to know me first before proceeding to my blog here.  I should start by telling the reason why I decided to blog about my life . It’s just bc I have a lot of things in my mind that I cannot voice out (I’m not a very vocal person), so I created this blog to become my journal (something like diary) and I’m hoping everyone will go along with my journey (and please enjoy!). Of course I’ll make sure you’ll learn by my experienced (crossing my fingers). 

I wanted to share something with you guys, this is how I described my life and I quote…..


"Regardless of the type, roses develop thorns to survive and flourish with one goal—to make the end result as beautiful and strong as possible. With this revelation, a trusted cliché takes on a whole new meaning for the experience of personal sadness, the joy of happiness and the enabling journey allowing us to grow deeply rooted, strong stems of self-awareness. Without the protective pricks that temporarily stun us, we cannot truly appreciate the rose’s miraculous journey to flourish. Cultivating our happiness is difficult at times, but what we make of our experiences determines if we thrive rather than merely survive. If allowed to play their role in our lives naturally, the thorns of sadness and trials can eventually cultivate healthy outlooks for positive growth, offering beauty to another struggling in their journey. "

From a blogger of Life Lessons From A Rose kindly check the link .


7 thoughts on “Newbie!

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  3. Hello, ice. I came over for a visit because I found you in Blogger’s World. I want to get acquainted. I’ve been browsing a bit. I’m marking your follow so I can see more of your posts. Come see me sometime.

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