Leisure Activity


Geeez! The new season of TWD (the walking dead) was released yesterday and unfortunately I wasn’t able to watch the 1st episode. 😦 Well, it’s okay, I can download the episode from torrent (I used to do that!).. 👌👌👌

During my spare time  I update myself to a lot of TV series.  I also watched ARROW, I think they’d be releasing the new season this October (Season 4, if I’m not mistaken!). I used to watched TVD, The Beauty in the Beast Series, How To Get Away with Murder Game of Thrones actually all american series. Ow, I have a new series to watch  “Dare Devil” . My friend told me about this serieshave you seen this series? I’m stuck on season 1 (how many seasons do they have?) I already downloaded the first season since September but I haven’t started, yet! I’ve been busy since I started to work out with my new house (yah! I bought a house!). Wait for my blog about my new house… I have to go (currently in my office , under-time!) I need to run some errands today.  bye! *wink*


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