I’m Wide Awake

Morning everyone (and yes I’m still awake)...I used to sleep at night but what happened and why I’m still up (1:30am I start this blog!)… tomorrow (tomorrow is now), need to go to the office before 8am .. My alarmed was set on 4:30am (..and I only have 3hours left.. 😴😴😴) . Damn! I am not a morning person (I really hate waking up early) 😧


Actually, I watched “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” (you guys should watch and I watched that movie a hundred times) it’s Mario Maurer (damn he’s so cute). To give you an idea about the story here’s the link (hope you’ll enjoy) .


That’s him and his leading lady in “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”

Love is life, you just need keep living and keep loving.. reality can really change any one of us out there”.


Mornight guys ..current time: 2:19am (after blogged). *yawning* 😉


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