Coffee Late at Night

So this is how we end our night (with officemate).



I tell you some facts about coffee (oh btw that’s capuccino), since I love coffee I start google-ing it and found out that coffee makes you poop. Well as per google, only 29% of coffee drinkers ( I’m one of the 29%)  are affected by this so called COFFE-POOP. All of you guys, who poop after drinking a cup of coffee, are rare (wow, one of a kind..). Another thing, which is affect on my belief’s of coffee when some health experts advised to avoid coffee for 6 hours before bedtime. It’s bc caffeine can keep you up all night (not applicable for me). I know one of you can relate with this but to tell you honestly, I used to drink coffee before bedtime (not every night) and my sleeping habit was normal.

I guess that’s all for now (my eyes telling me to go to sleep). Good night world! 😴

Current time: 2:37am


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