Pros and Cons

When I started to blog, I realized some Pros and Cons (based on my opinion). Here’s the list:


  1. You’ll learn to express your emotions – if you’re not a very vocal person like me!
  2. You can be a better writer –  you can improve your writing skill. I am aspiring writer, oh btw I am writing a story on wattpad. I haven’t published yet, I’m stuck on chapter seventeen (busy as a beaver!) .
  3. You can be an optimistic person – bc all you want to blog are something that can help others and you become inspired if someone’s appreciated your work (even if it consist of one person).
  4. It can be your outcome when you’re depressed  – you can write all your emotions in blogging (for me it really helps).
  5. You’ll be a great thinker – bc when you blog, you do research. You’ll make sure that every blog you made, your reader must learn from it and you’ll learn at the same time!
  6. Information overload – since you’re looking for something to blog, you discover a lot of things (some things you don’t even know before).
  7. Strike up a friendship  gain a lot of friends and start a new friendship.


  1. Become crazy to find something you can blog! – this is really me. I do crazy stuff like, capturing more picture (on my phone) even if I’m in a public place (I wouldn’t care if my phone got snatched).
  2. Introvert – I am always preoccupied with my own thoughts and feelings and lately I turned down some of my friend’s invitations to go any place to unwind (which is not really me!), I minimize contact with other people (I forgot my social life.. I’m working on it, though!).
  3. A lot of things comes up on your mind – sometimes you’ll find yourself talking, alone!
  4. Pressured – worrying if someone’s reading your blog, bc you’ll think that you’re wasting your time blogging but I advised you to continue your blog (like what I did).

That’d will be all for now (bc I’m still a beginner, just started a week ago!). I only wanted to share some of my crazy experience, ever since I start blogging. But In spite of all the cons, I still enjoy blogging! AGAIN these are based on my own opinion (from what i experienced for a couple of days), if I  continue updating my blog (of course I’ll continue!), maybe the number of pros and cons can be change or more from pros!


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