“Overprotective parents, raise the best liars”

Aw, that was so mean! (my initial reaction.. when I saw)

Hello, I’ve been checking my Instagram lately and this quote (the title itself), caught my attention. I would love to agree on this but after doing some research, it’s YES but partly I’ll say NO!

How bad to have a parents who’s so overprotective? What does it mean when you say ‘overprotective parents’ ? Does it mean; you’re not allowed to go out without chaperoned, you have your curfew (I guess this is normal. Still depends on your age, though), they call your friend’s parents to check up on you, not allowed to date someone (kinda relate), you never want to bring your friends over bc you can’t do anything at your house like you can at theirs, they don’t understand the concept of space and privacy (omg! am I describing  my mom here). These are some of the “so called” overprotective parents.

Okay, I  said YES bc I have an OVERPROTECTIVE PARENTS and NO, bc I was not raise as a best liar. Though, sometimes I lied to them but eventually they found out (so I’m not a good liar!). Actually guys, it still depends on HOW YOU REACT ON A SITUATION.

Right now I am experiencing an overprotective parents (well, I guess since birth). My mom was so strict when it comes on dating my bf (take note on this my boyfriend for almost 13yrs.. and let me remind you guys I’m 31 not 13! ). I learn to lie (oooppps! I didn’t mean I was raise as a good one, finish my story first) when my mom not allowed me to go on a date with jhay.. oh, btw I have never experienced relationship from others.. aside from jhay (believe it or not, he’s my first and hoping to be my last). Like what happened last night, when I got home from work.. she saw some of my pictures together with my bf’s family (those photos was taken 6 months ago, it was posted on fb)!


I’ll give you a little background behind those photos.


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