She need space,
Space – you both needed.
You can’t bear to lose her,
The thought of you losing her makes you feel so empty. 

You both have the same feels – love in each other,
enough reason not to let go.
Self-centered.. not to give what she want.

She ask for an assurance,
All you did was wrapped your arms around her,
That send shivers down her spine.

 You made a promise.
Promise – she accept wholeheartedly.
And just like that, your body move close to her,
And both of you can’t resist the temptation.

The night.. that supposed to be the end,
was the start of a new promises.
She hold on to what you’ve promised,
Hoping you’ll not break it.

When is the right time to let go?


…while thinking about something to blog that’s what I’ve got. Just trying to express my feelings, though! #CurrentlyFeels


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