Simple Rant

Are you happy when you helped someone?
Did you find enjoyment on helping them without expecting in returns?
How ’bout helping and expect something in return, would you still find happiness?

Can I be brutally honest…… I hate those persons who literally ask something for me (material thing to be exact) after the favor they did! Can you just wait for me to return the favor (am I being rude here?). I feel like I’ve been manipulated for telling me to buy something in return for your help . She didn’t tell it straight to my face, on my mom’s face, though! I know how to return kindness (if what you did was kindness not business).

If you’re helping someone and expecting something in return, you’re doing business not kindness….

Okay, who am I talking here? Her name is ‘Dess’ (my cousin). Instead of renting a house, we moved into their house (me and my family)bc of ongoing construction of our new house (I bought last year). My mom told them we’ll pay, like we’re renting (as a return for their kindness) but my auntie (Des Mom) doesn’t like the idea. We can stay as long as we want. So we stayed (since August) until now and planning to move out December 08 (current year). I know we owed her and her family a huge favor bc of her mom and dad’s kindness (yes! her mom and dad, not her, though). Ow, btw, she also say this.. “you should apply GIVE and TAKE” something like that (the f word), we can return the favor in a diff’rent ways not with her on way (so cut the crap!). I AM NOT IN THIS WORLD TO LIVE UP TO YOUR EXPECTATIONS AND YOU ARE NOT IN THIS WORLD TO LIVE UP MINE! So stop acting we owed you a lot! If there’s anyone I’d be thankful for, it should be your mom and dad! (my cuz really pissing me off..jeez she’s getting on my nerve!).

 I don’t know how to say this without sounding cocky but I’m a type of person who would help you anytime, anywhere (as long as I can) without asking/expecting in return. And I am also a type of person that if you would help me, I’ll find ways to return the favor (kindness) you did! I don’t know if I’m the only one who get noticed this or I’m just being overacting, which is I don’t really get it! Why some people keep on acting they’re tryna’ make some help but as a result, they expect something on you, is that normal? What if the person you helped was not able to give what you want? What if they didn’t meet your expectations? What would you feel, would you get mad to that person?

Expectation are to be kept based on the capacity of the other person and not your own. Well, I guess these people are EGOISTIC and most often feels disappointment in life. Rid yourself of ego to live a life of less expectations, less hurt and misery, you can only get offended if you haven’t learned to truly give without expectation of return. It is not wrong to expect but it is wrong to expect someone to live up to the expectations.

If expecting something in return is your reason for giving, you are really not giving- you’re swapping. If you receive something in return for your gift, what you receive is a bonus – not a repayment of a debt.


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