The Sunday Currently : Volume 02


Here I go again with my weekly post. I do multitasking; Mani pedi while watching and doing this blog. So, here’s another Sunday post …

READING : The Girl He Never Noticed from wattpad.
WRITING : well,  I guess instead of writing, I should say editing. Editing my story like a pro (frustrated writer, though!).
LISTENING : from what I’m watching right now, which is ARROW ( Season 04, Episode 06). If you guys don’t ask, I am a fan of a lot of american series.
THINKING : ow, if I should go on a date with him (my bf).
SMELLING : the lotion all over my body.
WISHING :  that Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoke wouldn’t break up if you guys wondering who was that, its a character from ARROW.
HOPING : we can move, in our own house immediately.
WEARING : red sleeveless, tattered short and a messy bun. I love what I look whenever I’m home, very comfy!
LOVING : the new series I started to watch few days ago BLINDSPOT ( see? I’m a fan).
WANTING : a red orange hair color (yup, until now I didn’t get my new haircut and hair color).
NEEDING : a fast internet connection.
FEELING : loved.
CLICKING : design for my new house.

So, that’s my Sunday Currently, which was originally made by  siddathornton. I’ve got my nails done!

Until next Sunday!