My Heart Speaks Volume 02: I Miss You Big Brother

December 16, 2015 – it’s your BIRTHDAY!


I was just staring at my computer monitor… I don’t know where would I start. Should I start asking HOW ARE YOU? or should I start with WHY DO WE LIVE AWAY FROM EACH OTHER?

I guess I should start with saying, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY BIG BROTHER! (I know it’s late, let’s pretend that it still your birthday, though!). Yes, bro, it’s your birthday, meaning the start of “Simbang Gabi” (fyi, Simbang Gabi is a devotional nine-days series of masses. For more info you can check here: wikipedia) and we missed you a lotRemember, back then, we’re excited every 16th of December – waking up 3:00 AM to attend mass at 4:00 AM. We need to complete the nine-days Masses, we used to believe that if we complete the Simbang Gabi our wishes will come true. I know that it’s not my birthday and I may not be able to do the nine days masses, but my only wish… is to bring back the time that you were still with us. Come home with us, bro, let’s create another memories… memories that we can treasure. Memories that you missed from the day you left. You’d missed a lot of occasions like, dad and mom’s birthday. I was upset by that time, I don’t know if you just ignored or we are really forgotten.

The bond we had before… compare to our siblings, US was really different. We’re buddies…we sleep together in one bed…you fetch me on my school and remember when I got drunk? I was at my friend’s house and I texted mom that I couldn’t come home. I was surprised when they told me that you were outside, waiting for me, geez, you were like my boyfriend! There’s a lot of memories that I really miss. Being with you together with our family is the most important thing in this Christmas. But I guess that’s life.. life doesn’t turn out the way we want it. We are the one who’s responsible to the path that we choose.. and you chose to live away from us.

If by chance you realized that you wanted to come back, we’re just here,  welcoming you with open arms. We may not be able to see each other but one thing I’ll assure you, you’re always welcome. We love you bro, I never tell you how much exactly you mean to me but I LOVE YOU and GOD knows how much I really miss you… the laughs… the talks… the time that we spent together. You were my BEST FRIEND , the one I used to run and talk to. The one who always protect me, the one who cover up with all my mistakes to our parents. I may not even lost you literally but your absence make me feel that you were gone. I may not be your only sister but I know I’m your favorite, because I’m your first sister.

Thank you Big Brother, for everything you’ve done to me. For the hard work you did in our family. Thanks for always being the perfect older brother to me(us). My memories on my childhood, would not be perfect without an older brother like you, so, I am really grateful and honor to God for giving you as my brother.

Sorry, if I wasn’t able to accept that you already had your own life (new life from your second wife). For the time you feel alone and forgotten, I am so sorry. When you lead astray and I’m not there to redirect you, I am so sorry. For not giving you my full support when you chose to live with that bitch (yes! she’s a bitch), I’m truly sorry. Still I won’t approve her, though! Oh, I remember when you were married to your first wife, I don’t like her too! Now, I realized one thing, maybe I’ve got jealous or maybe because I used to be your only girl. Okay, for all that, I am so sorry!

Once again… happy happy birthday to my one and only big brother. I wish that you can celebrate the Christmas with us. Please come home for Christmas, your daughters waiting for you. Please visit them often…

You First Sister
(still your little sister),

I can’t believe I’ve been doing my second volume of My Heart Speaks (click the link I provide to read the volume one). 
Let me see if I can able to publish the third volume before the year end. Still don’t have any idea, though!


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