As I bleed dust 

I Bleed Words

We’ve tried to be together for a long time now
but it hadn’t worked love

because I’ve lost you a thousand times
and I’ve founded you a million times

But in the end you fade again,
love I’m so, so tired, waiting

and I know you’ve told me to hold on
and, love I swear, I’ve tried too hard

But my bones is a hollow hourglass
and my blood is flowing sand

and love, I still stand here
even after a thousand years

though you’ll never come back
and I crash on my knees and break all over again

Love, let me cry and mourn
and let me scream and howl

let my eyes collapse shut
just let me break again

let’s shatter together, love
and let me hold fragments of your hand

and let’s bleed again
maybe this time you’d be mine

and maybe this time I won’t fail

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