The saddest part…

From the moment I saw you, I thought you were just an ordinary guy. Then you’ve got me with your looks but I try my very best to ignore everything about you. Days have passed… weeks…months… and I found myself looking at you from afar. You’re always there in everyday of my life…ignoring my presence, still I can’t help myself to longing for more.
The most awaited day has come, you smiled at me, makes me fall deeply. For some odd reason, we started to get along. You held my hands and never let go. I still can’t believe those things happened and the moment you’ve said ‘Stay with me and I will hold you forever’ I was so happy and thankful that I can able to say… dreams really do come true. The thought that you were with me, feels like I’ve reached the top of my dreams.

 The saddest part… it was all my dreams and it will only  happen every time I fall asleep. Wish I could stay in my dreams for my entire life so I can be able to touch you.

The truth is… you’re just a dream that never come true. A kind of star that even from a distance it’s hard to look at. I know I need to end what I truly felt from you because in the end… I will just hurt myself.  From the moment I realized that I’m fallen for you, I’m aware for the consequences that I’ll have to face.

You were just one step ahead but still it’s hard to reach. I was  at your back loving you secretly. I don’t have the guts to tell you all of these because I’m afraid that even from afar I will never get a chance to look at you.

So please… allow me to love you from a distance and to look at you while you’re passing by…even if you don’t look back… even if you don’t love me back.