My Prerogative

hold on

I have a boyfriend name ‘jhay‘, we’re 13 years (according to my own computation!) in a relationship. It’s complicated, because we can’t go somewhere else without knowing my parents our whereabouts (which is okay for us!). One thing was not okay with us (specifically for me), sometimes (most of the time!) my mom was over reacted and paranoid. She always want us to stay at home instead of getting outside (mom, we need our privacy). So we go out without her consent (badgirl me..😕), I tried to tell her (to have a clear conscience..) but every-time she knew about our date she always got mad and I’m really really reeeaally pissed of ( geez, I’m 31!). Ever since we started our relationship, she’s like that! Then I decided not to tell her, that’s my own decision, my bf was aware in our situation. I thought of some reasons why she’s acting weird, I’m also aware that I have responsibility to my family , so she might think I’m getting married since I already have my man (see how OA she was!). Actually I understand her (so I deal with that every time I’m with Jhay), as my mother, all she care was my safety and security (same as my other siblings) ..and maybe she’s afraid that I would do what my brother did to us ( see the story here in case you did not know) . But mom I’m 31! All I’m asking was my freedom, I wanted to enjoy being with myself and at the same time with my man. Up to now, we used to that kind of routine.

On my next blog I’ll tell you more about Jhay  *giggle*

“Freedom consist not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought.” – Pope John Paul II


6 thoughts on “My Prerogative

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  2. I’m with your mom. I do want more information. But why has he not married you? I’ve seen too many woman “wait” for the man, gave them the best years of their life, then the guy walks away. It’s sad.

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    • Hi, Thanks!
      He’s not ready, though! (sounds crazy) ..hmm he’s jobless for 8 years up to now. So I don’t think he would walks away.. and maybe the reason why he didn’t ask of marrying me (sad but true) and also the reason why my mom was so overprotective.. that’s why I understand my mom..

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      • There’s a security, if the guy is responsible enough.. I’m not saying that my bf was not responsible, actually he’s almost perfect but I guess he’s afraid of responsibilities and btw I offered him break up last month but he didn’t agree .. He told me that we can fix it without breaking I agreed on it we’re still together and still hoping that someday he’ll realized everything…😆

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