Dare You To Judge Me

Okay, I think I should start by introducing myself to you!




Actually, I was thinking’ not to use my real name to avoid pressure and won’t worry about what people might think about me (and yes! I’m scared to be judged! ) but I realized  one thing, I don’t give f*** this is my life… my blog and whatever I wrote here are all facts and my own opinion, if you hate it not my problem anymore (Kidding).

Honestly, it’s really hard to describe myself. I just love to write and to share story about my life (I’m not really a good writer, sorry for some wrong grammar. Still trying my best, though). Hmmm, I don’t think you guys still want some introductions, but if you visit my blog often you’ll get to know more about me (I only have few words for myself!). I am awfully greedy.. I want everything that everyone’s have. I work to live within my own means (I’m a bread winner, you can’t blame me..sarcastic), I want to travel and I enjoy being introvert and extrovert (but I prepared the first one). You see, it is difficult to get what I want but there’s no impossible for me (I work hard!).

I am a GOD fearing person, I love my family ( I know each one of us love their own family) but me, I love them more than I love myself. I always put them first before myself . I took responsibility to my family, since I’m a bread winner but I’m not the first born..second child,though! Try to click here to get to know more about my family and how am I became a bread winner.


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