Prison Break

Okay, now I’ll tell you a little background about my family…

Every time I remember our life back then (let’s have some throwback), I was just thankful to our LORD for the help and guide to overcome our difficulties we experienced (wooowh!).

Let me tell you one of my experienced that I’ll never forget… Back then, My mom worked as a laundress and my dad was an Electrician (contractual, which is not a stable job), they work hard to become our pillar of support. I have two brothers and a sister and I am the second child, our life was full of trials (and I know you guys also experienced trials in life). The income of my parents was not enough for our needs. Living in the world is not easy as we think and I have realized that there’s no permanent in this world! my parents lost their job (see..I told you!). We’ve been through a lot of test, we experienced not to eat (yung kakainin na lang nila ibibigay pa sa’yo …teary-eyed..*sniff*) we experienced all distressed in life, but in-spite of all that we’re happy…we’re Filipino diba!

One thing I really can’t forget, was the time when my older brother
left us, he’s the one who support us (my uncle gave him job as a construction worker) so we rely on him with all our needs (financially to be specific). He did not directly tell us that he’s leaving but that moment he had girlfriend and become his wife (..they already separated 2 months ago, though). He made some excused, like he was assigned for two weeks in a distant place (we believe in that, we trust his word) so we waited for two weeks…three weeks…months… he didn’t show up, my mom got worried (you know mother’s feels!oh btw, my mom had surgery that time). Since, he’s the eldest and earning money we need him (but he left us hanging!) I feel so disappointed (I rely on him because we’re buddies, eh!)well actually my whole family . I feel sorry for my parents, (I saw how they wanted to see my brother and I felt so angry…because I can’t do anything) ’cause I don’t wanna see them struggling for what my brother did (I didn’t see it coming!). When I saw my mom’s face full of tears (tore my heart out!), I turned my back and secretly cried (I don’t want everyone see me cry specially my family) . We tried so hard to look for him but we couldn’t find him (mahirap talagang hanapin ang taong nagtatago!), my mom was not feeling well (3 weeks after her surgery) when we went to some places that we thought he lived in (we knew that he’s with his girlfriend). Oh, my older brother and I are in super close, we sleep in one bed, we’re just like best friend, we count each other (sa mga kalokohan parati kaming magkasama….). That’s why, when he disappointed us…I’ve got mad and swear that I’ll never give him a chance to be part of our family again (but I never did!)! Let’s cut to the chase, when he show up (one year after he left) , we settled all our issues and forgive him for what ever bad things happened (he did). I realized that what ever happened I still need to forgive him and accept his sincerely apology , he’s a family eh! Family is the most important thing in this world, everyone would left us but not our Family.

I’ve learned a lot through my own experienced … I learned that things are not always turn the way you expect it and the way you planned it! And I’ve learned that you can get through the bad times and keep moving forward for the better one.


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