Uncertain Feelings: Dealing with a psychopath – Part 1

“Mom I’m here!”, I shouted upon entering the house. My mom Sophia, preparing dinner and look tired. “What do we have for di… mom are you okay?”, look’s worried.
” Erin…?”
“Mom, is there something wrong?”
“We have a lot of bills to pay…”, getting all the bills and handed it to me. “…and we don’t have enough money!”
“Okay, I’ll take care of these…”, I pulled out all the paper bills.
“Ow! by the way, where are the kids?”
“They’re upstairs, with your brother.”
“Okay, I’ll go and get them to have dinner”, I turned my back to get them. When my mom suddenly hugged me, “Thank you and I’m so sorry for causing you so…..”
“Mom, it’s okay! Don’t worry too much, okay!”, I cut whatever she was about to say, because it’s sound cheesy and I’m not used to that kind of drama. I really hate drama, I am not an expressive person, still I love them, though! I left mom in the kitchen to fetch my brother and the two kids.

We started our dinner when my sister arrived from work together with her husband. My sister, Rose, worked as a Secretary into a small private company while her husband Rey, worked as HR Officer, same company with my sister.

After the dinner I came straight to my room because I wanted to be alone. My tears suddenly fall, I can’t forget the look of my mom’s face when I got home. I am worried because of what happened earlier at the office, I don’t want them to notice that I’m having trouble with my job and planning to leave the company. But what will going to happen when I leave my current job, where can I get money to support them. I’m working as an IT Assistant in a small Construction Company. My tears keep on falling while remembering what happened.



Earlier in the office….

“What the hell are you doing?”
“Ahm, sir…who?”, all the staff in IT Department was shocked when we saw Mr. Santiago, mad as hell.
“You Erin!! Are you out of your f*****g mind?! How many times do I need to tell you that before leaving my office make sure you’ve done everything!”, he yelled at me. “Sir…I did what you want me to do, before leaving yesterday.”
“And what are you trying to say? Why don’t you go to my office and check it?! Damn!”, without second thought, I ran to his office, trembling. When I arrived, I checked his computer and some apps were damaged.
“Did you see some problem?” he smirked in triumph.
“Ahm..yes, and I don’t know how did it happened. Some apps were crushed…but…before leaving your office, it’s working.”,unless, you did something…obviously you did this for a reason.You rotten filthy dirty old man…you really get into my nerve. At the back of my head of course.
“See..?!you’re not doing your job! I can even fired you anytime I want…”, I feel paralyzed the moment I heard that, I don’t even remember how he came closer.
“Of course, I won’t do that, if you will give me what I want”, getting closer and closer, touched my hair, caressed my face, my back and whispered, “You’re being a good girl”.
“Ah-ahm-si-sir-no-p-please..”, I don’t even know what to do.
“Sssshhh, trust me”, when someone knocks, “Shit! Who’s that?!”, he shouted the person outside his office.
“Sir, it’s me Jerome, I’m here to give you the final drawing for your new project to Mr. Brown!”, oh thank god your here.
“Your friend is here, we’re not done Erin, come in!”, his mouth twisted into a grimace, he had no choice. I’m very thankful Jerome came in time.
“Oh, hi Erin, I didn’t know you were here!” Jerome was shocked when he saw me.
“Uhm-y-yah! I’m just trying to fix his computer. Well, actually, I didn’t know how did it happened, so, I’m checking for the possible solutions.”, while explaining everything to Jerome. I saw this dirty old man glanced at me and smirked again. Jerome decided to help me to resolve the issue, ’cause I know he’s better than me, though his working as an architect of that company. He also took an IT course.
“Okay, let me see..”, I didn’t know how to say thanks to this man who save my day. While he’s fixing the computer, Mr. Santiago looking at me like he wanted to take off my clothes. Argh, he looks disgusting!
“I’m done! You can now use your computer, sir.”
“Both of you can go!”, he dismissed us immediately. I was at the back of Jerome follow his way outside Mr. Santiago’s office, but he blocked my way.
“Don’t tell everyone, you don’t know what I’m capable of.”, I just nodded and continue to walk.
“Hey are you okay, you look sick?”, I wanted to tell him I’m not okay and yes I’m sick… sicked and tired with that dirty old man. But I need to keep my mouth shut until I found a new job. I just hugged Jerome while holding back my tears.
“Thank you!”
“Hey, is something happened inside? Did he hurt you?”, it’s more than that if you just only knew what happened before you arrived.
“I’m taking my leave today, I forgot that I have to run some errands”, I get my bag and leave the office immediately, “I’ll call you when I got home, bye and thanks again.”
“Okay, just let me know if you need help, bye! What happen to her why she’s in a hurry?” Jerome go back to his department.

I can’t go home right now it’s too early, I went to the coffee shop not to take a cup of coffee but to read the newspaper I bought. I open the job section, I need to find a new job before I submit my resignation to Mr. Santiago.
I woke up early morning to submit my resignation letter to the hr department. Thank god I didn’t saw Mr. Santiago around the office. I don’t have time to say goodbye to the IT dept. because I have an early interview today. I just call Jerome to pack all my things.
“But, why and where are you right now? You didn’t tell me that you have planned on leaving the company. Is there anything wrong?”
“I can’t answer right now just fix my things and let me know if you got home and I’ll get it… I need to hang up the phone I’m in a hurry… I’ll call you later once I’m done and explain everything, okay, bye!”, I turned off my phone, I know he will feed me with a lot of questions.
“Erin where a….. Where the hell is she, damn it!” I know, probably by now, he’s mad.

I just came in time to JP Bank Co. and the woman in a front desk approached me, I think she’s in the mid of her thirties. I came here for the final interview, I’ve got my initial interview through phone, they told me to come for the final interview.
“Just give me your resume and wait until your name to be called!”, she point out on her right side, if I’m not mistaken, that’s the waiting area. I sit together with the other applicant, I wore my usual attire in the office, sleeveless blouse tucked into flared slacks. When I heard my name, some applicants stared at me like they wanted to eat me. What the hell is wrong with them, I didn’t kill anyone. Well, it’s not my fault if I didn’t wait that long. “That’s me!” I raised my hand and walk confidently.
“Okay, Ms. Keller, it’s just a few steps away from the waiting area, go straight, then enter to the 1st door, left side. No need for you to knock because he is expecting you today”, she instructed me the way to the interviewer. I did what she instructed and open the door without knocking.
“So early, please take a seat”, of course, this is my final interview and I need this job. I muttered under my breath. I occupied the vacant chair in front of his table.
“So, why do you leave your previous job?”, that’s the first question?
“Ahm…sir, do you want me to introduce myself first?”,
“I already re’d your CV and no need for you to repeat what’s written on that piece of paper..can you just answer my question?”
“Okay, I’m sorry…”, I leave my current job because my boss is a psychopath. Of course, I didn’t tell that but I wanted too. “Because, after several years on my last job, I’m looking for a company where I can contribute and grow in a team-oriented environment.”,good answer! What about a big round of applause for myself. But I keep on wondering why he’s facing an opposite direction, since I was arrived. This is how he made an interview? All I can see was his back view, why do I have a feeling I know this guy. From the sound of his voice and the way he talk , or maybe I’m just being paranoid. But the guy I knew and this man they have in common.
“You can able to contribute from your previous company, Ms. Erin Keller, just let me know how will I help you…”, turned his back and walk near to his table. When I saw his face clearly, I felt like I saw a ghost..a monster!Holy crap!…WTF! I was dumbfounded to what I saw, it can’t be him!


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Hi guys! Aside from a busy sched, I’m also back in a writing mood. I reread my story I made few months ago and I decided to share the excerpt, still working with a title, though! But for now, enjoy reading…


We went to the usual place to eat, we talked about a lot of things. Joanna told everything about her boss.. as I noticed, nothing positive about Andrew. Should I say I’m lucky because I didn’t get the chance to meet him. The whole time, they are talking about how his attitude toward(s) work and attitude about some girls. Maybe there is something about him, I don’t think he’s bad ass, like what they’ve said about him. He’s also a person that has flaws, like us. Maybe he don’t want to show off his soft side. Why am I defending him? I was analyzing everything, “Erin, are you okay?”, when Kelly asked me. “Ahm…what?”, I didn’t notice they are talking to me. “Kelly asked if you already met Andrew”, Nathan repeat her question for me.  “In person, no! I just met him by the way you described him”, and that’s true I don’t even know what our boss looks like, ’cause I never met him personally.

Because I’m still preoccupied of what we’ve talked about over lunch, before we enter the building a guy caught my attention. Maybe because of his gorgeous look.. from his dark brown hair with a strong jaw, wearing a black tuxedo and even his side view, I can see his well sculpted chest. What more if he take off his tuxedo, hmmm… I scan his whole body from chest to his lips that so thin and kissable and his eyes…his eyes… his eyes is looking at me…Wtf!I know this guy! That guy.. is he my stalker now! I walk close to him ’cause I know he noticed my existence.
“Eriinn…hey, wait for us”, I heard them behind my back but I ignored them. Because, this guy really pissed me off and I’ll make sure this is the last time I’ll see his face.
What is she doing here, in my building…did she knew….”
“Hey, are you stalking me…how did you know that I worked here?!”,
“What’s wrong with her I should be the one to ask her that. Oh wait, did she say she’s working here..in my own building, in my company.” 
Why he’s not answering me and just stared at me, instead, “Did you hear me..? I said what.are.you.doing.here? Would you stay away from me.  I already accept your apology and don’t ever think that I should hang out with you, okay! If that’s what your reason for being here, so now, go!”.
“You worked here? Well what a coincidence, I also worked on this building”,
“Oh c’mon! I’m not playing games with you Mister…”,
“And, do you think I am?”, the nerve of this guy..he is so conceited, as I muttered.
“I don’t wanna get rude, but if I wear you I’ll leave…please get lost and when I…..”, I was about to warn him but Joanna immediately stop me.
“Erin, I think you’re barking to a wrong person. I’m so sorry sir, she’s our new employee from IT Department.”
“No Joanna, I know this guy very well and…”, when I realized what Joanna trying to say to me. I just stop and feels like someone poured me a bucket of ice… “It’s okay, like what you’ve said she’s ‘OUR’ new employee so I’ll understand.” I was confused but I hope that’s not him. “Sir, meeting is done?”, did she call it ‘sir’. “Yes, I put some documents on your table I wanted you to scan and email it to Mr. Dewey and when you’re done, hand it back to me”.  WTF! It’s realso that’s him, the famous ANDREW WILLIAMS.  My jaw dropped when I heard their conversation, I wanted to disappear at that moment.. I just wish, the floor would open and eat me. I don’t know what about to say, to think. Shiit, he is my…my….that guy is Andrew Williams..my boss..the owner of the company I’m working with. Oh Lord, I don’t remember how rude I am earlier and why I didn’t know this  from the very beginning. I’ve noticed that he’s staring at me while giving instruction to Joanna, if I’m not mistaken, Joanna was his secretary .. I am so embarrassed. This could be a dream, is there anyone can wake me up from my nightmare. “Joanna can you call Harvey..tell him to see me at my office, now!”, boss attitude, huh!

What’s on her mind?..now that I know that you worked here. You’ll pay for causing me so much trouble and for avoiding me!”


That’s all for now…excerpt from CHAPTER 5. I started CHAPTER 16 and I hope my mood in writing still with me up to the end of my story.
See yah!