The Sunday Currently: Volume 03


Yay, I’m on my third volume and I’m happy for doing this weekly. Last Sunday I was watching ARROW , now, I’m watching BEAUTY & the BEAST (still a series). Just recap before watching the latest season.

here it goes:

READING : others blog.
WRITING : my entry for 100 words story on 11th of December.
LISTENING : Rain tic.
THINKING : more of a serious thing I’m dealing with.
SMELLING : my coffee.
WISHING :  everything goes according to my plan.
HOPING : I can buy all the materials I need for my home project.
WEARING : loose shirt that I wore last night.
LOVING : my nail color.
WANTING : to get a quick shower.
NEEDING : time for myself.
FEELING : kinda irritated.
CLICKING : for a new haircut.

Originally made by  siddathornton

Until next Sunday!



The Sunday Currently : Volume 02


Here I go again with my weekly post. I do multitasking; Mani pedi while watching and doing this blog. So, here’s another Sunday post …

READING : The Girl He Never Noticed from wattpad.
WRITING : well,  I guess instead of writing, I should say editing. Editing my story like a pro (frustrated writer, though!).
LISTENING : from what I’m watching right now, which is ARROW ( Season 04, Episode 06). If you guys don’t ask, I am a fan of a lot of american series.
THINKING : ow, if I should go on a date with him (my bf).
SMELLING : the lotion all over my body.
WISHING :  that Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoke wouldn’t break up if you guys wondering who was that, its a character from ARROW.
HOPING : we can move, in our own house immediately.
WEARING : red sleeveless, tattered short and a messy bun. I love what I look whenever I’m home, very comfy!
LOVING : the new series I started to watch few days ago BLINDSPOT ( see? I’m a fan).
WANTING : a red orange hair color (yup, until now I didn’t get my new haircut and hair color).
NEEDING : a fast internet connection.
FEELING : loved.
CLICKING : design for my new house.

So, that’s my Sunday Currently, which was originally made by  siddathornton. I’ve got my nails done!

Until next Sunday!


The Sunday Currently: Volume 01


I know this is overrated and seen a lot of post about this, one thing I’ve noticed, some of them posting “The Sunday Currently” without credit to the original publisher. In case you don’t know, the Sunday Currently was originally from siddathorton. Her real name is Lauren, if you wanted to know how she came up with the idea here’s the link.

for now, here’s my current:

READING : my unfinished story.
WRITING : I started to continue the story I made since April to be publish in wattpad.
LISTENING : a loudspeaker voice from my uncle’s cellphone (it’s annoying).😆
THINKING : to get some sleep after doing my Sunday currently.
SMELLING : I guess myself, still didn’t get a chance to take bath. Later, though!
WISHING :  good health for my family and to all my love ones.
HOPING : to get another Sunday post next week.
WEARING : sleeveless shirt and denim ripped short.
LOVING : my family and jhay.
WANTING : to get a new haircut and hair color ASAP.
NEEDING : more sleep!
FEELING : very guilty! I lied to my mom again.
CLICKING : nothing for now.
There it goes, The Sunday Currently. Wooowh, finally, I’m done. I didn’t know, this was a bit hard, fun at the same time, though! Guys start your own! 
See you again next Sunday!